Polish language instruction

Polish is primarily spoken in Poland but has significant numbers of speakers in the USA, Lithuania, Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Germany, UK and Canada. With Poland's accession to the EU in 2004 the need for speakers of Polish has risen.  If you plan to work in Poland or with Poles, it is important that you learn Polish if you wish to be successful. If you want to learn Polish or your company would like to provide Polish lessons to your staff, then I can see to all your language learning needs.

I provide Polish language instruction for one-to-one lessons and/or group learning. If you wish to learn Polish for personal or travel related reasons, I offer general language lessons focusing on building up your Polish or developing areas such as conversation, reading, or writing. Many people learn Polish for career related reasons. After analysing your requirements, I will tailor lessons to meet your business or career related needs. If you work in a specific sector such as import/export, insurance, banking or finance, I will focus on developing your Polish with this in mind. The lesson content and materials will all help you learn Polish that is relevant to your area of interest.